Fortsterkere for strekklapp baserte transducere

Conditioners.-Amplifiers for strain-gauge based transducers

The COND-SGA conditioners - amplifiers provide standardised signals in current and voltage from every load cell, force transducer and torque sensor based on strain-gauge technology.
o Input: Wheatstone bridge 0.1 to 30 mV/V
o Output: 4(0)...20 mA, -10...0...+10 V
o Power supply:
         - COND-SGA-A: 115...230 VAC / 18...24 VDC
         - COND-SGA-D: 18...24 VDC    
o Low-cost
o Enclosure: ABS case 164 x 84 x 57 mm

"Technical drawings available on datasheet"