Boks for paralellkobling av 2-4 lastceller

JBOX_LCI Smart junction box with monitoring of the integrity of the load cells

Smart junction box designed for parallel connecting of 2 to 4 load cells to a measurement electronics and ensuring the monitoring of their proper functioning.

Key features

o Control of
   - Load Cell out of preset balance range 
   - Load Cell out of preset operating range
   - Low/high excitation
   - Open circuit to any load cell on each connection
   - Short circuit on any load cell connection
   - Internal load cell fault (bridge imbalance)
o Ensure the positive safety for load-limitation systems based on multiple load cells parallel connected (hoisting devices)
o Options
   - ABS housing available with Din rail mounting accessories
   - PCB available without ABS housing

- Load limitation for hoisting equipment based on several load cells
- Industrial weighing with improved reliability

- Easy calibration by keys and 4 digits display
- Indication of the signal (mV) of each sensor, the average signal and error message (nr of sensor and type of error)
- Relay normally energized
- Protection of parameters by secret code