WI-T24RE-Hx Håndholdt radiomottager med display display med

WI-T24RE-HS, WI-T24RE-HA og WI-T24RE-HR er håndholdte indikatorer for sensorer utstyrt med radiosender.

The WI-T24RE-HS, WI-T24RE-HA and WI-T24RE-HR are hand-held indicators for sensors equipped with a radio transmitter.
o Frequency:        2.4 GHz
o Licence:             exemption
o Range:               up to 800 m open field
o Antenna:            integrated
o High resolution:  7 digits 
o Channels:           
          - WI-T24RE-HS: 1
         - WI-T24RE-HA: up to 12
         - WI-T24RE-HR: displays all transmitters within its range (roaming)


- leather carry case with clear viewing window and shoulder strap (CASE-PSD)