3300 Innfelbar strekk sensor -INSERTGAGE®

Innfellbart fekstensometer designet for å måle trekke kraften i en struktur ved å måle dens deformasjon.


Insertable extensometer designed to deduct the force in a structure by measuring its deformation

Key features

-Designed to measure:
     o tension, compression shear and bending force
     o torque, moment
- One unique model independent of the capacity range
- Stainless steel
- Protection IP 67 
- Very competitive prices
- Easy to install (one hole to drill)
- Accuracy in the structure : 2 to 5 %
- Option: 
     o ATEX intrinsic safety Ex II 1GD Ex ia IIC T6 or T4 Ga Ex ia IIIC T80°C Da

The SENSY's load cells 3300 are perfectly designed to the following applications

- Silos, hoppers, tanks, reactors or containers weighing - Level measurement - Stress measurement on machines - Force distribution control - Rail weighing - Set point detection

3300 : 40 to 120 N/mm²