Nye enkodere

Sensor systems
The Sensor Systems business division specializes in modern encoders and drive technology for heavy industry. With more than 80 years of experience and in excess of 1000 applications providing reliable service in steel works, port, crane and mining plant and equipment Johannes Huebner Giessen is the international market leader providing encoder solutions for drives in high-performance applications.
Individual solutions
Products of the highest quality and comprehensive engineering know-how allows us to offer the best-possible assembled solutions and guarantee our systems provide trouble-free service over time in the harshest of environmental conditions. In doing so, we focus on providing tailor-made, customized solutions.
Your partner for upgrades in heavy duty industry
Our huge range of upgrade solutions is unique worldwide: from determining the actual situation and technical clarification on-site to drawing up and submitting a suitable solution as well as job-oriented design and production through to on-site assembly and support during commissioning. Your guarantee for seamless upgrade measures that ensure short standstill times and high plant availability.