Potentiometers as spareparts

Spare parts ,feedback potentiomers used in Scana Mar-El / Brunvoll Mar _El control and propulsion systems.


A range of customized RCP conduktive potentiometer as spare for our world wide ship propulsion installations.
 Adapted to Scana Mar-El equipment 

For sparepart enquiries please send us an e-mail


PART NO              DESCRIPTION                                                                BRUNVOLL STOCK NO.  
D 10263  D10263 RCP15/2S/1K  111RC001511
D 150098 D150098 RCP09/1S/5K/LIN iss. 6 111RC000901  
D 150109 D150109 RCP18/SC/1S/0.5K/QUAD 111RC001812  
D 150179 D150179 RCP15/1S/5K/CT/LIN 111RC001505  
D 150281 D150281 RCP15/1S/2K/LIN 111RC001507  
D 150299 D150299 RCP18/3S/2K/CT/LIN 111RC001813  
D 150307 D150307 RCP11/1S/5K/CT/LIN/GJ.G.AKSEL 111RC001101  
D 150312 D150312 RCP15/2S/5K/CT/LIN 111RC001509  
D 150356 D150356 RCP15/5S/1K/CT/LIN 111RC001508  
D 150391 D150391 RCP15/4-20MA/3WIRE/ANTI+CLOCK 111RC001510  
D 150473 D150473 RCP18/2S/2+2K/CT/LIN 111RC001814  
D 20492  D20492 RCP18/1S/1K/LIN 111RC001801  
D 20493 D20493 RCP18/2S/1+1K/LIN 111RC001802  
D 20816 D20816 RCP18/SC/1S/0.5K/QUAD 111RC001811  
D 21019 D21019 RCP18/4S/1K/CT/LIN 111RC001808  
D 21020 D21020 RCP18/3S/1+1+1K/LIN 111RC001803  
D 21039 D21039 RCP18/2S-1+20K/LIN 111RC001806  
D 21759 D21759 RCP15/SC/1S/2K/QUAD 111RC001504  
D 21760 D21760 RCP15/1S/2K/CT/LIN 111RC001503  
D 22505 D22505 RCP18/1S/5K/LIN 111RC001804  
D 22755 D22755 RCP18/2TB270//2K0-10-0,5IN 111RC001816  
D 22860 D22860 RCP18/2S/5+5K/LIN 111RC001807  
D 23171  D23171 RCP18/SC-1K/QU 111RC001809  
D 23172 D23172 RCP18/SC/2S/1K 111RC001810  
D 23321 D23321 RCP15/1S/5K/LIN. 111RC001502  
D 23802 D23802 RCP15/3S/2K/LIN    

Most common units is normally stocked, world wide distribution.