JC4000 - Singel- og multi akset hall-effekt joystick

Hall-effekt sensing teknologi sikrer jevn drift og et langt liv - i overkant av 6 millioner driftssykluser - to elektriske utganger på hver akse, pluss et sentrum-referansesignal , forbedre den totale system sikkerheten.


The JC4000 Hall-Effect joystick and accompanying range of grips

  • Single- or dual-axis
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Top switch and person-present lever options
  • Hall-effect sensor technology
  • Choice of voltage outputs
  • Dual outputs on each axis
  • Center-reference signal
  • Rated for 6 million cycles
  • Under- or above-panel mounting
  • Enclosure sealing to IP67
  • EMC performance to 100V/m

The JC4000 joystick base and accompanying range of grips , with options for single- or dual-axis operation making the product suitable for both scissor lifts and booms. Three, dual-axis gates are available – round, square or plus – while the ergonomically-designed grip offers the choice of one or two top switches, as well as a person-present lever, meaning the unit can be used across a wide variety of machines. These carefully-chosen configuration options offer an optimal combination of performance and cost.

Non-contacting, Hall-effect sensing technology ensures smooth operation and a long life – in excess of 6 million operating cycles. – while dual electrical outputs on each axis, plus a center-reference signal, enhance overall system safety. The range of the electrical outputs can be set to either 10-90% or 20-80% of a 5V regulated supply, with the polarity of each adjustable to suit the host electronics.

The joystick can be fitted to an enclosure in both under-panel and above-panel configurations, and provides sealing of the enclosure to IP67. In addition to a robust mechanical design that is resilient to high shaft load, shock and vibration, the operational integrity of the unit is assured in electrical fields of up to 100V/m.

Alternative grip options to those described above are available.