Kapasitive løsninger , kundetilpasset

Kundetilpassede kapasitive løsninger , forseglet overflate og "touch" operert.

CAPACITIVE COMPONENTS AND SUBASSEMBLIES form the basis for developing what are known as “touch solutions”. They involve smooth, sealed surfaces that the user can operate by touch. The technology enables a flat design and it can be produced using glass, plastic or any other non-conductive surface. There are almost no limits on the creative design of the graphical interface either. These units are highly beneficial because they resist chemicals and dirt, the electronics are subject to low levels of wear and tear and it is possible to integrate the units and make them waterproof and dust-proof

  • Glass printing in line with current colour schemes (e.g. RAL, Pantone)
  • Use of and integration with sensor films (projected capacitive touch screens) and surfaces (touchpads)
  • Various integration processes (e.g. optical bonding or OCA lamination)
  • Developing and producing capacitive keyboards with a full key layout
  • Developing and producing individual capacitive buttons and key panels
  • Combining individual buttons to form jog dials, slide controls etc.
  • Integrating different ports (e.g. I2C, USB)
  • Integrating illuminating functions
  • Integrating feedback elements (acoustic, touch)
  • Producing complete systems with an integrated frame