IP68 tastatur m/bakrunnsbelysning og magnetmontasje

Tastatur med justerbar bakrunnsbelysning og magnetfeste for vinklet montasje. Keypad.

The InduProof® Pro has technical features, which significantly expand its range of functions. For example, users can illuminate the keys to four different degrees. The standard colour of the LED is red. The keyboard can also be attached to almost any magnetic surface at an angle of up to 90° from horizontal as a result of its in-built magnets. An integrated capacitive touchpad handles the mouse functions. The divided space bar and the gentle, but precise key strokes provide a pleasant feel for people using the unit and support touch-typing.

Feature > Benefit
Flat construction > Ergonomic use
Smooth and perceptible key stroke> Comfortable typing
Gradual backlighting > Use in areas with inadequate lighting
Locking key > Cleaning without triggering any incorrect commands
Integrated magnets > Flexible fixation on magnetic surfaces
Integrated touchpad > Saves a mouse and make the keyboard compact