Strekkmåling med subsea lastcelle

Konsultasjon om design og produksjon av subsea kraftsensorer for militær anvendelse. Disse sensorene måler og viser spenningskreftene som er påført slynger designet for å holde en ubåtoppskytningsramp på plass.

1st step: Description of customer requirements


Capacity : 200 kN
Permissible overload : 300 kN
Accuracy : 0,25%
Resolution : 0,1 kN
Dimensions : According to the following sketch
Protection class : IP68 10 bars (sea water)
Material : Stainless steel for marine use
Display : Display behind a glass
Supply : Battery
Operating autonomy : 25 hours
Autonomy off : 1500 hours
On/off : By button accessible from exterior
No tare loss if power off

2nd step: Design (3D analysis + approval drawing for the customer before machining)

These features are in accordance with those requested:

Dimensions : According to the following drawing
Display : 4,5 digits (10 mm)
Power : 9V alkaline battery (pp3)
On/off button : ILS lever and switch
Material : Stainless steel close to 316L
Weight : 33 kg
Calibration : In 10 points
Delivery time for : 8 to 10 weeks after receipt of approval
Step 3: Manufacturing