Lastcelle spesielt designet for måling av statisk strekkrefter i kabel, tau eller wire, Fra 3-90mm opp til 80 tonn. Tetningsgrad opp til IP68. Trippel sertifisering tilgjengelig, ATEX, CSA IECEX

Key features

- Easy and fast mounting
- Designed for static rope tension measurement
- Protection : IP67
- Wide range of cable’s diameters : from 3 up to 90 mm (0,11 to 3,5") (to be defined)
- Stainless steel
- Available options (non exhaustive list) :
     o ATEX intrinsic safety Ex II 1GD Ex ia IIC T6 or T4 Ga Ex ia IIIC T80°C Da
     o amplified output (V or mA) and digital output signal (RS-232C, RS-485, USB)
     o subsea version (IP 68)

The SENSY's load cells 5560S are perfectly designed to the following applications

- Hookload sensor for drilling, mud-logging, ... - Tension measurement of cable, rope, shrouds and riggings of electric pylons, transmission antenna's, towers, flare masts, barge mooring lines, ... - Tension measurement for suspended bridges and foot-bridges, big tops, …

5560S : 1 to 80 t
on cable