Turtall sensor FGL 1/...

Induktiv puls sensor for hastighetsmåling på tannhjuln perforerte disker ,pinner eller på maskinerte akslinger.

The FGL1/xx is a speed sensor for detecting gears, perforated discs, pins, etc.
Rotary speed sensors of the FGL1/xx series are very variable speed sensors for the detection of ferromagnetic material.
Measuring principle: inductive principle, output voltage dependent on speed or circumferential speed. Scanning of gear wheels, perforated discs, pins, milled shafts.

Sampling frequency: approx. 1Hz...30kHz
Temperature range: -20...80 (110)°C
air gap: approx. 0,3...3mm depend. on module
Protection class: IP67 according to DIN EN 60529