Trådløs overføring av kraft måling i EX- områder

Trådløs EX-sertifisert sender / mottaker løsning som er både batteridrevet og brukes i EX farlige områder

A ‘wireless ATEX-certified transmitter/receiver capable of being both battery-operated and used in hazardous areas’

SENSY recently delivered a complete measurement solution, which included a system for measuring the force of five mooring cables operating in a hazardous area, by utilizing radio transmission.

FINDING a solution for a customer’s problem: Our customer needed to control the forces applied on the tankers mooring lines during the discharge of their crude-oil cargo.
Manufacture of five ‘Exd’ certified tensiometers, submersible in case of an
accident, quick release for ease-of-use, and connected to a multichannel radio;
Development of an ‘Ex- certified’ transmitter in an explosion-proof enclosure;
Realization of an Ex- certified receiver mounted on the outside of the ship’s bridge in an explosion-proof enclosure and connected to a computer installed in the safe area.
Features of dedicated software:
Display of the tension force of each mooring line in a bar graph so that the data can readily understood.
Programmable alert thresholds with an audible alarm and a color changing from green to red depending on the force level.
Real-time data recording.