Lager status monitorering (BDMS/BTMS)

Monitoring the bearings in large 2-stroke marine diesel engines warns in the event of a critical rise in temperature and / or high bearing wear, which can lead to sudden damage or accident at sea. Our monitoring system type BDMS / BTMS provides a compact solution for this new form of bearing monitoring. It is a combinable system for temperature monitoring and for monitoring of bearing condition. A “Condition Monitoring” certificate (CM) is available.

The Bearing Distance and Temperature Monitoring System
(BDMS/BTMS) is a system that allows the continuous control of the
distance between the surface of the distance sensor and the
crosshead in the bottom dead centre of a 2-stroke diesel engine.
Additionally the sensor is able to measure the temperature of the
splash oil around its location. Measured values are calculated into
real distance values in mm and °C by the sensor stored in an
internal memory inside the sensor.
Another optional sensor is able to measure the water content in the
lube oil. It is called the water-in-oil sensor. This sensor is installed
in the pressure line close to the engine.
The BDMS/BTMS can be installed as a retrofit into engines already
in service.
The BDMS/BTMS is Type Approved by Germanischer Lloyd (GL)
and other classification societies.
All sensors transfer the respective measured values via Terminal
boxes to a Line Converter box and into the Indication unit.
Mainly the BDMS/BTMS consists of the following components:

  •  Sensors
  •  Sensor brackets
  •  Terminal box
  •  Line Converter box
  •  Indication unit