Oil Mist Detectors

En kompakt serie av Oil Mist detektorer for 4-takts maskiner.

More than 10000 installations

This compact series of oil mist detectors can be easily mounted into the 4 - strokee engine and connected to the control system. The unit can be delivered with and without crankcase pressure monitoring. The system needs a voltage of 24 VDC and an engine is running contact. The unit controls the actual oil mist concentration or the crankcase pressure and is able to supply limit value contacts. As a signal output there is a 4 . . . 20 mA signal output for the measured quantity pressure available. Ethernet and CAN  bus option. The unit has relays for the functions readiness for operation, pre-alarm and stop alarm. By a direct heating at the measuring optic false alarms caused by condensation at a tolerable content of water in the lube oil can be avoided. It is anadvantage that there is no need of piping and therefore a very easy mounting. More then 10.000 units are used successful on engine.

  • retrofit for nearly any kind of engines and configuration easy possible
  • assembly at the existing venting pipe of the engine
  • no additional piping work necessary

  • no additional compressed air at OMD necessary

  •  no magnetic valves for controlling the compressed air at the OMD necessary

  • Maintenance ; cleaning optical lenses only (auto indication), no spare like filter supply air, regulary suction checks etc)

Approved by:       • GL • DNV • RINA • CCS • RRS • ABS • LRS • BV

Available for engines : • MAN and lisenced • HHI • GE • MaK/Caterpillar • Wärtsilä • ABC • Niigata