MA410 Incremental encoder TTL / HTL, heavy duty

Incremental encoder for motion control purposes. The MA410-series is a range of incremental encoders supporting TTL or HTL output levels

The extreme robust design and encapsulation of the encoder series enables it for use in Marine or Off-shore environements. Mines & Cranes are two other suitbale fields of operation for the series.

Mechanically is the MA410-series based on a ø11mm solid shaft with key-way to prevent slip. The mounting flange is compatible to previous tachogenerator interfaces including a B10 mounting flange. The entrie design is made out of high grade stainless steel.

Velocity control
Relative positioning
Directional determination
Mines, Marine, Cranes and othe Environments with high risks of corrosion and wear.
Paper, Metallurgy or Windpower with high requirements in terms of useable life and relability.