5000 Kunde spesifiserte lastpinner

Kunde spesifiserte lastpinner, standard referanse dimensjoner. Designes for tilpasning i nye produkter og tilpasning i eksisterende mekaniske løsninger . Trippel sertifisering ATEX, IECEX og CSA tilgjengelig . Tetningsgrad opp til IP68. Opsjoner for SIL /PL, multi akse og EXi.

Key features

- CE certified for hoisting applications and lifts
- Sturdy design
- Stainless steel
- Protection IP 65 (IP 68 option)
- Easy to install
- Complete range of "CE" certified electronics, load limiters and displays available 
- Available options (non exhaustive list):
     o ATEX intrinsic safety Ex II 1GD Ex ia IIC T6 or T4 Ga Ex ia IIIC T80°C Da
    o protection IP67 or special for marine environment 
    o high service temperature (up to 180 °C)
    o amplified output (V or mA)
    o certified redundant version for SIL3 applications

The SENSY's load cells 5000 are perfectly designed to the following applications
SL - FORCE : Force measurement on cylinders, industrial weighing
SL - HOIST : Hoisting devices and crane's security in combination with a load limitation electronics
SL - LIFT : Load limitation for lifts

5000 : from 1 ton to 1000 t (higher capacities on request)