Oscillator pulse sensor FGL 4/1 and FGL 4/1,5-5

Pick -up berøringsfri sensor som primært benyttes for hastighets måling på tannhjul-

The FGL4/1,5-5 is a speed sensor for detecting the teeth of a metallic gear wheel.
Rotary speed sensors of the FGL4 series comply with the NAMUR standard or DIN 19234.
Measuring principle: a metallic target extracts energy from a transistor oscillator, this causes a change in current consumption.

Advantage: measurement of very low speeds of the gear is possible, almost to a standstill.

Power supply: 8VDC
Internal resistance Ri = 1kOhm
Distance sensor/gear wheel: (depending on type) approx. 0.8...1.4mm (steel)