SLS320 Lineær Displacement Sensor 250-1600mm

SLS320 er en gruppe linjære posisjon sensorer designet for lengder fra 250 til 1600 mm , Kompakte ,lett vekt og designet for å være enkle i bruk. Tetting opp til IP66.

SLS320 Linear Displacement Sensor

Using the proven benefits of Hybrid Track Technology and including a number of unique design features, the SLS320 is ideally suited to high volume OEM manufacturers, where high performance and reliability with competitive pricing and rapid despatch has paramount importance.  

Key features
• Shorter body to stroke length
• Sealing to IP66 and corrosion resistant rod end bearings
• Integrally moulded M12 industry standard connector
• Significantly reduced weight
• Rapid delivery
• CE approved
• Interchangeable with Penny+Giles' model HLP350 linear potentiometers