7010 Væskenivå sensor

Rustfrie sensorer for nøyaktig overvålkning av væskenivå i drivstoff , oljer ,kjemikalier, salt og ferskvann.

The 7010 Liquid Level Sensor is designed for use in harsh environments at extreme operating temperatures where the continuous real-time, accurate liquid level monitoring of a variety of fuels, oils, chemicals, saline, and water is required. The sensor has no moving parts, floats or mechanical linkages providing excellent long term reliability.

Output:Voltage: 0.25-4.75V (max range 10V)
Current: 4-20mA
Accuracy:+/-2% FSD @20°C
Resolution:10 bit
Supply Voltage: Voltage; +5 to +32V DC
                            4-20mA; +9 to +32V DC
Supply Current: Less than 15mA
Operating Temperature:-40°C to +125°C
Ingress Protection: IP66, IP68
Mounting: SAE 5-bolt, 1.125" UNF or 1.25" BSP
Lengths: 100mm to 2000mm (in standard increments)