502-serie Liten vinkel (5°-15°), Rotasjon posisjon sensor

502 slitesterk rotasjonssensor med høy nøyaktighet designet for industrielle og vitenskapelige tilbakemeldingsapplikasjoner, tilsvarende 500 serie, men med mindre avbøyningsvinkler (5°-15°) for bedre oppløsning. Sertifisert ATEX, IEC EX og CSA ,

Provides a linear output proportional with angle of rotation
Each unit is supplied with the output calibrated to the angle required by the customer, between 5 and 15 degrees
There is a machined registration mark to identify the calibrated mid point
It is particularly suitable for OEMs seeking good sensor performance for arduous applications such as industrial machinery where cost is important.
Overall performance, repeatability and stability are outstanding over a wide temperature range
Rugged stainless steel body and shaft for long service life and environmental resistance
The mounting flange is anodised aluminum
Easy to install with flange or servo mounting options
Wide range of electrical options
Sealing is IP65 or IP67 and full EMC protection built in