X005 ATEX & IECEX Godkjent galvanisk isolasjonsforsterker

Beregnet for bruk med posisjonssensorer som er plasser eller skal plasseres i EX soner hvor ATEX / IECEX krav skal imøtekommes

he X005 has an input power supply range of 12 to 30 volts dc, making it suitable for a wide range of hazardous area applications.
It is tri-port isolated providing isolation between the amplifier power supply, the hazardous area and the X005 output signal.
The sensor supply and output are transformer coupled providing 2.5kV isolation between the safe and hazardous area circuits eliminating the requirement for a high-integrity earth.
The output of the X005 is factory configured to either 0.5 to 9.5V or 4-20mA and has a bandwidth of 4.7kHz, making it ideal for servo control loops.
The X005 can also be supplied configured for use with potentiometers.
The screw terminal connector plugs are coded to eliminate cross connection.