Portabel enkoder diagnose enhet

Functional test of installed incremental encoders Indispensable for commissioning, repairs and maintenance Versatile measuring and test functions Including rotational frequency modulation

The universal testers
Encoder diagnostic units are multipurpose, portable diagnostic units designed to test the functions of installed incremental encoders on site. They are equipped with a display and offer an extensive range of functions. Amongst others these include TTL/HTL recognition, pulse rate acquisition, signal testing, frequency measurement, speed measurement as well as amplitude measurements. Furthermore, they are suitable for rotational frequency modulation measurements to assess the quality of the encoder attachment.

Product usage   Perform function check of incremental encoders
Supply voltage  12 - 30 V DC
Signal input        Incremental encoder (0-30 V)
Signal output     Display following data/functions:

  • TTL/HTL detection Pulse rate acquisition
  • Signal track check
  • Frequency measurement
  • Speed measurement
  • Signal amplitudes acquisition
  • Measure rotational frequency modulation
  • Measure symmetry (graphic and numeric display)
  • Phasing (graphic and numeric display)

Frequency range 0 - 100 kHz
Casing                    Portable diagnostic unit in compact, impact resistant housing
Dimensions         190 x 90 x 35 mm

Device temperature range