CRANE-BOY - Lastbegrensning elektronikk

Elektronikk for lastbegrensning og 3 settpunkter og display.

Key features

o Easy and intuitive calibration
o Display of hoisted load and input signal
o Internal monitoring system of the integrity of the load cell and the load limitation electronic (positive safety)
o TEST button on front cover
o Options
    - 4(0)...20mA or 0...10V analog output
    - RS232, RS485, USB or fieldbus capabilities
    - NEMA 4X/IP65
    - Power supply : 48VAC (only for 85...230 VAC version)
    - Also available without industrial metallic housing --> see INDI-BOY

Load limitation on
   - overhead cranes
   - container cranes
   - gantry cranes

- Internal survey system of the load cell and the electronic (positive safety)
- TEST button in order to check the good working of the detection system.
- Secret code prohibiting programming by unauthorized persons.
- Intelligent filter with quick reaction to quick overload while not reacting on transitory non significant overload.
- Maximum and minimum memories, Smart filter, 
- Totalization of several measurements, Protection code,