Subsea 125- serie (350 bar) Robust lineær posisjon sensor

125 er en versjon med høyere trykk av S115-sensoren med et større elektronikkhus og høytrykkskontakt. S125 er forseglet for kontinuerlig nedsenking opp til 3500m (350bar 5000psi). Enheten er kompakt, plasseffektiv og responsiv langs nesten hele lengden. ATEX ,IECEX og CSA sertifiserte tilgjengelig

S125 provides a linear output proportional to displacement. Each sensor is supplied with the output calibrated to the travel required by the customer, our standard range covers any measurement range from 0-5mm to 0-800mm. As with all of our packaged sensors full EMC protection is built in.

The sensor is very robust, the body and push rod being made of 316 stainless steel for long service life and environmental resistance.

Overall performance, repeatability and stability are outstanding over a wide temperature range. The sensor is easy to install with mounting options including 316 stainless steel M8 rod eye bearings and 316 stainless body clamps. The push rod can be supplied free or captive, with M8 thread, or an M8 stainless steel rod eye. The S125 also offers a wide range of mechanical and electrical options, environmental sealing is to IP68 350Bar (5000psi).
This sensor is waterproof for submersion to 3500 meters