106-serie Intern sylinder sensor ekstern elektronikk

106-serien av induktive lineære sensorer har ekstern elektronikk . Designet for bruk der plas er begrensning og høye krav til posisjonsmåling i hydrauliske og pneumatiske sylindere er ønskelig P106 (Standard) - X106 ATEX /IECEX (gass/damp) - G106 CSA (gass-damp)

Like all our sensors the P106/X106G106 provides a linear output that is proportional to the displacement. Each unit is supplied calibrated to the exact travel required by the customer, the P106/X106/G106  is available with any travel from 0-5mm to 0-800mm, for example, if your application requires 10" (254 mm) measurement then we  will manufacture the sensor specifically for this length. The mechanical length and calibration will be set up for 254 mm.

The Intrinsically Safe X106 is ATEX and IECEx approved for use in potentially explosive gas/vapour atmospheres.  The intrinsically safe G106 is CSA approved for use in potentially explosive gas/vapour atmospheres.

Overall performance, repeatability and stability are outstanding over a wide temperature range
The unit is highly compact and space-efficient, being responsive along almost its entire length
Provides a linear output proportional to displacement
Supplied with the output calibrated to the travel required by the customer, from 0-5mm to 0-800mm and with full EMC protection built in
Very rugged, being made of stainless steel with an inert fluoropolymer-sheathed probe and stainless steel target tube
The probe and target are easy to install, as is the electronics module which has a two mounting options
Environmental sealing is to IP65 or IP67 depending on selected cable or connector options
Positek intrinsically safe sensors are designed to be used with a galvanically isolated amplifier .  Approved galvanic isolation amplifiers (X005) are available from Positek; there is a choice of 0.5-9.5V or 4-20mA transmission outputs.

The sensor can be installed with a cable length up to 1km between the sensor and the amplifier.